Learning as a Form of Procrastination


“Knowledge, unless you apply it, does not, and will never make you more efficient, influential, powerful or successful.”

Today, thanks to the instant access to the internet, everyone can now study and learn from home. The tremendous quantity of information available online provide anyone with the best ever opportunity to broaden his knowledge in every sphere of activity one can imagine.

For who is starting a new project or new business, the magnitude and quality of information available online literally invites the new entrepreneur, before anything else, to gather as much intelligence as possible related to his undertaking. Ultimately, delaying all productive action, the new entrepreneur is ending up trying to be everywhere, reading and trying to do everything that is suggested or recommended by the so-called pundits.

Reading everything you can get your hands on, listening to every single podcast you can download, taking every online course you can afford, learning how to write the best possible resume; how to land the job of your dreams; how to launch a successful business or new product; how to create the greatest blog and website; how to write and publish a new book is not going to help you whatsoever. Ultimately, doing everything except taking action, you do not start or achieve anything. All those activities do not and will never take you anywhere close to whatever you wish to accomplish.

The key to power, greater achievement and success is not excessive expertise, but the ability to use it. Knowledge is absolutely worthless unless it is applied. The truth is that no matter how extensive your knowledge, there will always be obstacles and unexpected circumstances that you will have to face. There will always be issues that never have been described or covered in any book. And, one day or another, you will be ending up having to deal with situations no one ever has met before. These are the days where you will have to show some initiative and creativity, having to look for solutions and make decisions that no one probably has ever thought of.

While constantly looking for new sources of information and content, nothing is being done. Thanks to the Internet, learning has now become a major social trend and major form of procrastination. Constant researching, learning, planning, thinking, rethinking and visualization will not accomplish anything other than letting you spinning in your tracks and leaving you stranded in the place you are now. You will never start, even less accomplish or finish, anything. Only actions will drive you where you wish or want to be.

My point is that for anyone that have read even only these three books: “The Bible”, “The Prince” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, there is no need for further learning. You already have and know everything you need to know to live the life of your dreams and achieve power and success. There is nothing more you need to learn in order to take the first step. Stop reading everything that has been written, stop listening to everyone that has something to say.

Everything has been written, everything has been said centuries ago. There is nothing new under the sun. Read “The Bible”, read “The Prince”, read Machiavelli, read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, read Carnegie, maybe Zig Ziegler and stop right there. Start writing your own book, the book of your own life. Take action now, turn your unstoppable procrastination into unstoppable action and start learning from your own experience.


Owner of Bunkumless.com and King Global Earth and Environmental Sciences Corporation, JMD, a former attorney, is a Columnist for The Futurist Daily News and editor of the Social and Political Blog JMDlive.com  Follow JMD @ jmdlive





Knowledge is


Adaptation and Survival 

True knowledge is nothing else than adaptation and survival.

Since the beginnings, past civilizations and cultures all rose and fell on the margin of ecology. Today, urbanizing our ecology, we have created and still are creating something very unique in the history of mankind: an urban order no one can walk away from, nor anyone survive.

Despite the sayings of all ancient wisdom writings and ancient scriptures, knowledge doesn’t grow on trees. True knowledge is knowledge of truth. There is a fundamental differentiation between reality and our perception of reality, between the true nature of reality and our opinion on the true nature of reality, between true reality and our perception of the reality.

Let it be said that the end of human life is the end of the world beyond which is nothing. This is evolutionary thinking. Human existence and human activity make a world where otherwise there is nothing. The very laws of nature are the outcome of an everlasting evolution. To think otherwise is nothing else than pure intellectual masturbation. Modern urban masses can no longer be well governed by old ancient history, old ancient principles or medieval methods. In today’s world, scientific objectivity shall prevail on the spiritual and magical. Good lying no longer makes good knowledge. Rational over theological and philosophical is now the rule. Replace “faith” with “knowledge” and you have the guiding idea of Truth and Enlightenment, of the true nature of Reality.

Spirituality does not determine human existence. It is our social existence, which determines our reality. In today’s world, esoteric and spiritual contemplation as well of all other forms of intellectual masturbation will always only result in derivation, antisocial behaviors, prejudices and bias. Maxims, morals, proverbial nuggets of wisdom, myths and wishful thinking will always result in an antisocial confrontational social world, perversion, chaos and destruction. Objectivity and rationality are the new fundamentals of knowledge that will drive us on a truly social and global world. To know is to enjoy and global social order can only result from true knowledge.

Today’s reality is very different from yesterday’s reality. Today’s reality is the now-global human environment. Knowledge is realistic not because it imitates reality but because it contributes to the political realism expressed in the preference for knowledge, for true knowledge.



Michel Ouellette JMD [jmdlive.com] is a Public Affairs & Communications Strategist, a miracle worker for entrepreneurs, executives and social innovators.