‘Duck Dynasty,’ meet the World

Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson in A&E’s ‘Duck Dynasty.’

If any given religion and its Holy S***, sorry Holy Scriptures can be used to support diametrically opposed conclusions about how to live our life, why should religious and spiritual faith be taken seriously?

For one, homosexuality is a sin according to the holy s***, for the other, according to the Holy Scriptures, “Who are we to judge?”

According to the world’s most durable religion, acting under the obligation of universal love, one should, endure everything including evil and on the other hand shall ban all evil from one’s life. What is it: “Hate sin and love the sinner?”

What is wrong about loving the rightful? Are both the sinner and the rightful the same?  

There is definitely something wrong with all this Holy S***!

Shall we love gay and lesbians or lapidate them? If we love them should we allow same sex marriage?

Shall we love murderers and abortionists? If we love them, should we hate their victims?

My own sympathies are with all those who understand and realize that our lives are now, like always before, being shaped and regulated by culture, which is a human product and absolutely not by divine command.

Yes I would agree that we should absolutely love our “neighbor”, our “brothers” and “sisters” however, are the thieves, the adulteries, the rapists, the murderers, our neighbors, brothers and sisters?

Tell me who the f*** a gay or lesbian or abortionists is really harming other than your susceptibility and then I will absolutely hate him. I will absolutely hate him like I hate the murderer, the sinner the rapist or whoever is harming whoever.

If it is only your opinion that is hurt, go f*** yourself!

And this is not divine command; this is only common sense.

To be continued…