Global Justice : The End of all Religions


For whoever denies this reality, he is creating his own downfall…

The worst mistake of mankind is to believe that the finality of things can be only defined by way of analogies. For centuries and millennia, most people imagine the world and the purpose or finality of their existence as if it is was derived from a supreme mind. Today, such a game of “make believe” and “as if” is no longer viable. Our modern societies are looking forward to free their mind, soul and spirit, from the too often arrogant presumptions of theologies, which pretend to know the Laws of God and the Universe. We are now living the times of a new era where the opaque weight of the world, both of life on earth and of death, heaven, and hell, is dissolved, and the soul and spirit of mankind is rightfully turning its back to the mighty myths of all time too solidly engraved in the collective mind of our cultures by all these dogmatic teachings of all these false prophets, gloomy Gus and vaticinators of all times. Today’s generations are looking forward for something fresh and new to act upon.

From the position of a modern secular man, that is to say, we are now living a new era where the play sphere of the carnivals and festivals of gods, acquiescing in their game and believing in their so called prophets, although this may have been at one time fun and joy, is no longer acceptable: the universe is not ruled, in any way shape or form by some benevolent or malevolent gods or representations of such but rather by the laws of the universe itself. Whoever denies this reality is creating his or her own downfall, his or her personal hell, here and now, on earth. Tomorrow belongs to those who are looking forward, not to “The End of the World”, not to “The Final Judgement Day”, but rather working and looking toward the dissolution of today’s actual laws of life in today’s time and space, economics, politics, and even morality.

In the next twenty years, we will assist to a new kind of revolution where a proper sense of social, spiritual, economic and political ethic will be rejuvenated. In the next twenty years, we will assist to a return to the fundamentals of life on earth, an era of global justice and prosperity of an healthy universal society living without the fears, wars and inequities created by all these superstitions and fabulations of all the religions of the world. This will be the age of wisdom where everyone will be living according to the basic fundamentals of a rightful society that existed before the knowledge or invention of these too often sullied and tinted notions of good and evil, right and wrong, true and false, belief and disbelief.

Undaunted by the banal actualities of toady’s life meager possibilities, in the next twenty years we will see the real spirit of mankind rising again to carry the flag of justice and righteousness for all the people of the world.

To be continued…



No religion is honest

God has No Religion

Who looks into heavens for answers is dreaming!

Each and every one of all mythical narratives, of every past and present religious and spiritual beliefs, faith or confession, are nothing else then multiple variations of one single great story: The story of the “Psychic Unity of Mankind”. Regardless of their origin or time of creation, common pattern exists beneath the narrative elements of all the greatest myths and mythical stories of the past.

Since the origin of civilization, all humans shared and are still sharing a basic mental framework and a collective, sometime ignored, sentient mind. This is what we call the “Somatic Mass” of “Knowledge and Awareness”, which each one of us own, have in him or herself and share with all beings and creations of the universe. Some will tap into it very early in their life, some will never do.

As a strong believer in the psychic unity of mankind, I also believe that, from immemorial time, the whole of the human race has been, and still can be perceived, as engaged in its nonstop effort of making this world of ours “Transparent to Transcendence”. Underneath the realm of mystical and mythical phenomena created by mankind, lies a forever eternal source of knowledge and enlightenment, which is constantly pouring its energies into this world of often harsh time, suffering, and ultimately death: “The Collective Mind and Consciousness of Mankind”.

Thus, eliminating all possible intervention of the divine in the day-to-day activities of the human race, what do we have left to govern our life? The answer is easy: Wisdom, knowledge and enlightenment!

To fully demonstrate this affirmation, to fully achieve this almost impossible task of making the world transparent to transcendence, one would need to speak about things that existed before and that are beyond words. One way to do this would be to create “Mythical Metaphors”. One other way to do it would simply be to listen to our own inner sanctum, what some will call consciousness.

Better than conversion: Contemplation!

In contrast with enlightening comparisons, “Mythical Metaphors” often pretend to be the “One and Only” “Absolute Truth” that shall be interpreted and understood literally as representing the “Supreme Reality”, more than often immaterial, of what they are referring to.

First, understand this: Myths and “Mythical Metaphors” are to religions and vaticinators what bullets and guns are to empires and dictators.

Sentences like: “Jesus is the Son of God” rather than “The relationship of man to God is like that of a son to a father”;  “I am the son of God” instead of “I am your one and only King”, are all very deceptive. They all tend to only one thing: To instate fear to better maintain “Law & Order” or to better enslave “The People” in the religious and political power of the authorities governing the society in which they live in.

Another good example of the too often perverse effect of the “Mystical” and “Mythical Metaphors” is the always possible appropriation and misuse of the scriptures, whatever their origin and time, by some malevolent clerical or secular either individuals or groups. For whoever wants to enlist you in whatever religion, cult or sect, “Holy Scriptures” such as the Talmud, the Bible and the Quran, amongst all others, will too often become powerful instruments of conversion and domination instead of being a source of knowledge and enlightenment.

For the unsuspecting naïve and the credulous of the world, “Metaphorical Myths” such as “Genesis” and “Revelation”, are no longer poetic and literary figures of speech epitomizing the understanding, in time and space, of the rise of man’s cognitive consciousness as it evolved from a prior animal state. Instead, they now represent a literal description of historical events as they happened since the creation of the Universe and the unavoidable fate of humanity. Thus: the Universe was created in seven days; the earth is five thousand years old; all of mankind, except for those who received some sort of baptism or protection in consideration of some cash, will soon be destroyed and their soul go to hell to burn in the fires of eternity.

All of this, because the unwillingness of men and women to join one of the one thousand plus gods now available on the marketplace and their unwillingness to obey by the rules of the “King”.

Religions are doomed.


La protection de l’environnement, la pauvreté: un faux débat!

Écologie et démographie

La démographie humaine est l’une des causes principales des problèmes écologiques et il est temps de regarder la réalité en face.

L’augmentation de la population mondiale est importante. Il aura fallu attendre 1850 pour atteindre 1 milliards d’habitants sur terre. En 1930, en moins de 80 ans, la population mondiale passait de 1 à 2 milliards et ensuite à 6 milliards d’habitants en 2006 pour enfin atteindre les 7 milliards en 2011. À ce rythme, nous serons 9 milliards d’habitants sur la terre en l’an 2050. Dans le même temps, l’empreinte écologique moyenne d’un habitant de la terre, surtout depuis la révolution industrielle, a considérablement augmenté.

On tente actuellement de résoudre l’ensemble de nos problèmes écologiques en faisant la promotion de la réduction de la consommation individuelle d’énergie et du contenu en carbone de l’énergie consommée par habitant. Pour la majorité des tenants de la thèse du développement durable et de la croissance perpétuelle, la décroissance économique et écologique demeurent des pistes de solutions qui ne sauraient être envisageables. Ce que ces écologistes, humanistes et capitalistes en tous genres semblent ignore, c’est que leur approche politique, économique et écologique finira par se heurter au mur des limites de des ressources de la planète et que les crises que nous aurons générées, autant énergétiques, alimentaires que climatiques, résoudront d’elles-mêmes tous les problèmes possibles surpopulation sans que nous ayons à nous en occuper.

Notre approche actuelle des choses de ce monde nous conduit inévitablement et inexorablement vers une décroissance de la population qui surviendra progressivement après l’année 2050. Famines guerres et maladies, les fruits du misérabilisme, d’une pauvreté de plus en plus croissante, omniprésente et généralisée, se chargeront de restaurer l’équilibre entre la nature et l’homme et ce mouvement est déjà enclenché. À l’heure actuelle, 1% de la population vit aux dépens de 99% de la population et partout dans le monde, la révolte gronde. Certains, la chair à canon du capitalisme délirant que nous  connaissons aujourd’hui, se taisent et meurent au combat. D’autres se réfugient dans la prière. D’autres, de toutes origines, de toutes nationalités, de toutes confessions se mobilisent ou prennent les armes. Socialistes-communistes contre capitalistes, chrétiens contre musulmans, islamistes contre tout ce qui bouge, juifs contre palestiniens, pauvres contre riches, nations contre nations, peuples contre peuples, tous les prétextes sont bons pour blâmer son prochain et se réclamer de la vérité.

En vérité, je vous ledit, quelque soit la puissance de l’homme, la nature vaincra toujours sur l’homme et il n’est rien que l’homme puisse y faire. L’histoire va en se répétant et seules les espèces ayant su s’adapter auront survécu aux dinosaures. Que ce soit par leur intelligence des choses, les armes ou autrement, seuls survivront les hommes qui sauront s’adapter aux changements que nous impose notre réalité actuelle.