Apocalyptic predictions are all B*** S*** and $$$


Then and Now! Money is the answer

In The Bible, the first book of the genre, apocalyptical and prophetical elements can be found in the books of Joel and Zechariah. The book of Isaiah, on the other hand, especially in chapters 24–27 and 33 presents well-developed apocalyptic scenarios and apocalypses. Finally, it is the Book of Daniel that will offer a fully matured and classic example of apocalyptic literature. It is only because of the non-fulfillment of the various prophecies of the early Judaic vaticinators that the apocalyptic genre was developed and popularized.

While is was becoming more and more evident everyday to everyone, that all these utopian predictions about some alleged heavenly kingdom of a so called messianic god were nothing else than pure fiction to constraint, regulate and control the behavior the citizen of the state, prophets turned themselves into high priests, politicians and legislators. The mandatory elements of the prophecies then turned into more realistic code of laws and the fictional hallucinogenic and psychedelic elements of the prophecies into science fiction apocalyptic literature.

Such ideas as those of “The day of Yahweh” and the “New Heavens and a New Earth” were then re-edited by the Jewish people with fresh nuances in conformity with their new social, political, economical and spiritual and theological settings. Later on, the early Christians would do exactly the same thing in reediting Daniel to serve a new political reality, Christianity to the service of and under the control of the Roman Empire. Thus the inner development of both, the Jewish and Christian apocalyptic was conditioned by necessity and history rather then by the words of some so-called omnipotent universal god.

Nonetheless the prophecies found in both the Jewish Scriptures and the Christians Scriptures, which have not changed over time, for the greatest financial benefit and profit of the diverse spiritual sects and religious cults leaders, are still today awaiting their fulfillment, which will never come.

To be continued…





Could we survive the decline of America? Yes we can!

The American Downfall: 2060

If there is a lesson to be learned from History, it is that all great empires and world orders are transient. The institutions they erect, the economic systems they support, they rise and fall and the earth is still turning.

Some would argue that the downfall of the Roman Empire brought an end not just to Roman rule but to Roman government and law and to an entire economic system stretching from Northern Europe to North Africa. Culture, the arts, even progress in science and technology, were set back for centuries. To them, I would say that this was only a major setback for the Romans. For the rest of the world, it was liberation. Like the Roman Empire before, the United States of America is creating now the necessary conditions for its own downfall.

History has a way to repeat itself.

After the Napoleonic Wars of the early 19th century, British control of the seas and the balance of great powers on the European continent provided relative security and stability. Prosperity grew, personal freedoms expanded, and the world was knit more closely together by revolutions in commerce and communication. With the outbreak of World War I, the age of settled peace and advancing liberalism collapsed into an age of hyper-nationalism, despotism and economic calamity. The once-promising spread of democracy and liberalism halted and then reversed course, leaving a handful of outnumbered and besieged democracies living nervously in the shadow of fascist and totalitarian regimes. Notwithstanding Nazi Germany and imperial Japan domination, the collapse of the British and European orders in the 20th century did not produce a new dark age.

Would the end of the present American-dominated order have less dire consequences?

The end of the era of American pre-eminence in the world will never mean the end of the present international order. It is if there is one. American power may diminish, but the underlying foundations of the liberal international order will survive and thrive. The United States and all rising powers like China and India will continue to live within the framework of the current international system.

The post-American world that will take place around 2060 will not look very different from the actual American world except for the fact that unlike today the new world order will no longer be dictated by one nation own egocentric interests and preferences. The new priority will not be to preserve the state’s control of wealth and the power that it brings. It will be to survive in a world where resources are becoming scarce, in a world were humanity will be looking across the galaxy for new resources and to escape the confines of its now overcrowded home planet. American predominance would then be replaced by some kind of multi-polar harmony.

Yes indeed, at first, conflicts will erupt as a result of fluctuations in this newly found delicate power equation. But necessity being the mother of all inventions, the world will soon realize that what is killing humanity is religion politic corruption and greed. Nations will sit down to create the world they would like to live in when we are no longer the world’s only superpower. International order will soon be the final result of global humanity evolution, a combination of advancing science and technology, an increasingly global economy, strengthened international institutions and evolving norms of international behavior. It will no longer be imposed by those who have the will and capacity to defend it.

Remember: Forces of evolution, forces of nature will always transcend the actions of men and nations, not God, not even America.