To Blog or not to Blog!

Blogging is not the easiest way to pay the bills

Kicking off a content generating machine doesn’t pay back instantly. The real magic of content happens when this slow return takes the form of a compound one, one that grows because of the incremental gains it earns along the way.

Publishing quality content every single day is no easy achievement

To constantly deliver quality content on a daily basis requires to give up on a lot of things. It is a full-time job and unless you are selling ads on your blog it will never allow you to pay the bills.

To deliver quality content on a daily basis that would generate income requires giving up on almost anything else that you are doing now, one of the most important one being giving up on spending any time managing or trying to manage social media.

Publishing often is easy, publishing quality content isn’t

Just because others publish daily or a few times a week doesn’t mean you have to. If you do not have an army of ghostwriters writing for you, you may as well forget about the idea of publishing quality content daily or even a few times a week.

Your best strategy would be to publish either monthly, a few times a month or even every few months, concentrating on building and publishing evergreen content.

While temporal content keeps blogs fresh, only evergreen content, content that is as valuable today as it will be in the future, will allow you to grow your audience and achieve compound return.

Stand Out from The Crowd

Delivering top-notch quality content remains the most powerful way to cut through today’s cluttered web space and making some top dollars doing it.

Unless you have an army of writers at your disposition, make sure to consider what other things you need to do to become “The Best In The World At What You Do”, to “Stand Out From The Crowd”.


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