Trump’s Evolution – The People White Knight

The White Knight

Trump’s chief strategist Paul Manafort spoke to members of the Republican National Committee on April 21.

With the nomination in sight, the transformation of Donald Trump is underway

Experienced political professionals have taken over, and a Presidential Donald Trump is on his way to win over the general electorate.

In a closed-door briefing, last Thursday April 21, Trump’s new chief strategist, Paul Manafort told the Republican National Committee that Trump has been playing a “part” on the campaign trail, but is starting to pivot toward presenting a more businesslike and presidential “persona.”

“He gets it,” Manafort told Republican National Committee members. “The part that he’s been playing is now evolving into the part that you’ve been expecting. The negatives will come down, the image is going to change, but ‘Crooked Hillary’ is still going to be ‘Crooked Hillary.’” …

Manafort argued that Clinton’s negative favorability ratings are caused by “character” issues, whereas Trump’s are fueled by “personality” concerns. “Fixing personality negatives is a lot easier than fixing character negatives,” Manafort said. “You can’t change somebody’s character, but you can change the way a person presents himself.”

Trump himself said: “I’m very capable of changing to anything I want to change to.” And, what I am saying is this: “Better believe it!”

Trump is the real deal: “The White Knight that people are looking for”

If you listen to Trump’s supporters, one of the things they cite for their attraction to him is that unlike every other politician, he is authentic. He “tells it like it is,” they say again and again. He is not like those candidates whose every word is crafted and rehearsed. He is real.

Trump is not an ordinary candidate. Trump is full of surprises and we did not see the end of it yet. His mastery of the art of effective communications is endless and up to now, the force of his personality and the emotions he channels have been powerful enough to guarantee him the Republican nomination.

People supporting Trump do not want someone who is qualified in any traditional political sense. They want someone who, like them, is hungry and angry enough to stick it to the people they hate, who will talk like them and say the things they say in private and wish they could say in public.

People of America are looking for a White Knight.

Trump may just be it.


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Trump to make an announcement very soon

Trump in Nashville

“A lot of people are going to be very happy.”

Saturday August 30, Donald Trump promised to make an announcement “very soon” on whether he will rule out running as an independent candidate. For a few weeks now, State Republicans parties have been trying to put the squeeze on the billionaire businessman, who has yet to rule out a potential spoiler role. In order to appear on the South Carolina GOP primary ballot, the Republican presidential candidate must pledge by September 30 that he will not launch an independent or third party bid if he fails to win the nomination. And Trump has repeatedly refused to firmly close the door on such a move.

Speaking to the press after an hour-long speech to the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, the Trump said: “the Republican Party has been treating me very, very fairly. All I ask is fairness. Over the next couple of weeks, you’re going to see some things that are very interesting. I’ve been treated very nicely. I’m leading in every poll … I have a great relationship to the Republican Party, to the conservatives, to the evangelicals. … In terms of victory, running as a Republican would certainly be the best path to victory. We’re going to make a decision very soon, and I think a lot of people are going to be very happy.”

Asked if his staffs are fair game, Trump replied: “Sure they are,” but criticized his staff for putting up a sign at an event he had in Massachusetts Friday night that asked $100 per person for entry, allowing the press to describe it as a fundraiser when it should not have been called that. “I spend millions of dollars on jet fuel,” he said. “I’m turning down millions. I don’t want your money!” “I got so angry at my people because someone put up a sign saying $100,” he said. “First of all, its peanuts. It doesn’t mean anything. But they used it to try to marginalize me. The bottom line, is I’m self-funding my campaign.”

My opinion?

As an independent, Trump would won the presidential race!


JMD is an enthusiastic writer, columnist and social activist who most enjoys evolving in complex interactive situations.

Trump: More presidential than ever!


“Make America Great again”

MOBILE Al, Friday Night August 21 — It was the most audacious Donald Trump spectacle yet of the 2016 campaign. Trump’s flashy performance is now more than showmanship. It is more and more coolly strategic, touching down in the heart of red America. Trump, discussing every aspect of politics an American culture, is now doing everything in his power to demonstrate that his candidacy has broad and lasting appeal across every region of the country.

“We have politicians that don’t have a clue. They’re all talk, no action. What’s happening to this country is disgraceful. We’re running on fumes. There’s nothing here . . . We’re not going to have a country left. We need to have our borders. We need to make great deals. We’re going to build a wall,” said Trump.

Noting all the states where he leads in the polls, Trump added: “Has this been crazy? Man! I mean, it’s been wild. I’d like to have the election tomorrow. I don’t want to wait.”

The crowd was anything but silent.

Trump fans came by the thousands, driving from the Florida panhandle, from Mississippi, from Tennessee and Texas. Traffic was backed up for more than a mile. The most-enthusiastic Trump backers began arriving at the stadium at dawn. In the run-up, Trump made the rounds on Alabama radio stations, talking politics and college football. As the crowd formed Friday morning, Trump tweeted from New York: “We are going to have a wild time in Alabama tonight! Finally, the silent majority is back!”

Trump chose Mobile for his big rally in part because it is the hometown of Senator Jeff Sessions, an immigration hard-liner who has been counseling Trump and helped him develop his immigration policy paper. Trump is not the only contender who sees the South as a place where bids could rise or fall in the second lap of the 2016 race. But no one is putting on a show like Trump. As the sun began to set, the crowd in the stadium snapped their heads toward the sky. Here it was, gliding toward them: a glimmering Boeing 757 with “T-R-U-M-P” stretched across its navy blue body. The crowd roared its approval to Trump as his jet tilted away to land at a nearby airport.

How much more presidential than this can we get?


JMD is an enthusiastic writer, columnist and social activist who most enjoys evolving in complex interactive situations.

Trump: Deal with it!

Trump-Deal with it!

Trump has landed

There is only one man to stop Trump: Trump himself.

The 2016 Republican primary has turned into a puzzle about how to deal with the Donald singularity. Trump will not hire a pollster. He is letting go about as many senior consultants from his campaign as he has hired. He does his own debate preparation. He does not spend on advertising. He refuses to seek big campaign contributions. He says he gets military advice from watching television and reading news. He warns his rivals not to use his campaign slogan, “Make America great again”, which he has trademarked. He does not finish three sentences without bragging about his business deals, his Ivy League education, his golf scores or his ranking in the polls. Trump is running, he is running the show; he is running his own show.

If you want to understand what is happening in North America right now, what is happening in the United States, you need only listen to that message of disgust, for the political system, its falsehoods and failures, which has taken Trump to the top of the Republican polls. You need only to listen to the Trump’s discourse. He talks about foreign policy, about immigration, about economy like it was a business deal just waiting for a smarter guy to take control of the situation. “When was the last time that you saw this country have a victory? We don’t have victories,” he tells reporters. “What things am I going to do different? Almost everything.” And then, on his plans for a great wall on the southern border, which he says he can threaten Mexico to fund: “Nobody is going through my wall. Trump builds walls. I build walls.”

You do not need a focus group to translate the Trump’s discourse: To support Trump is to oppose the established order, not because of ideology but only because you have just had enough of the squabbling politicians, the dynastic political clans, the system of these so-called distinguished people of the elite who promise but cannot or will never deliver. It is to say aloud that you are ready to trade in the phoniness of the political process for an accomplished wheeler-dealer who never backs down and get the job done. It is a sense that all the elites are in it for themselves and nobody else. It is a reminder that performance matters, not only words. It is a reminder that a true showman, even in his worst days, can beat and outrank all competition.

Trump is a walking, talking wake-up call for the GOP and the media. If anyone dares to challenge him, whoever it is, he is relentless and whatever he say or do, wright or wrong, rather than falling in the polls, he continues to climb.

Again: the Trump Show is far from over!


JMD is an enthusiastic writer, columnist and social activist who most enjoys evolving in complex interactive situations.