Facebook no more!


It’s official.  I am no longer a fan of Facebook.

While nobody offended me, while I did not have a bad experience, I am not thrilled about the useless informal idea of social media sharing.

Facebook have been sucking time from my life too long and not making me any money and, unlike money, time is a zero sum game. While some of the time spend on Facebook may have edifying, as a real person, I rather much prefer to meet with my real friends Face to Face and most of my Facebook friends are not actually friends.  This makes me wonder of the reason why I initially got on Facebook: “How many virtual friends can I assemble?” 

As for the photo sharing process, there are other much more better options.  And, after all, everything considered, why would I care about sharing and seeing my pictures on Facebook for the FBI, the Mossad, The CIA, The RCMP or other mobster organization or governmental agencies around the world? Do I hate myself, the members of my family or my friends that much? Thinking about it, Facebook often brings out the worst in people.  The willingness of so many to demonstrate their arrogance and total ignorance of the facts of life still boggles me!  I learn more about everything and everyone on Twitter.  

Twitter is in fact to Facebook what a biography is to a novel. There is nothing wrong with reading fiction, but I confess that I feel a little guilty and ashamed when I spend time reading something that do not make any sense, that is total fabrication, that did not or will never actually happen. Twitter is now one of my number one sources for hard news, opinions and facts as well as a relational connecting point. This is even better than LinkedIn to learn about people and or their expertise. Twitter is more of a resource and less of a popularity contest and self-congratulating tool than both, Facebook and LinkedIn

Furthermore, the presence of ads on Facebook is getting ridiculous.  Am I the only one who notices that?

Yes, like I like to say, “less is often more” and my only mission in life is to simplify life, my life and the life of everyone else who, like me, would like to profit from life, not just have a taste of what life can be. What I want, for myself and everyone is a lower cost of living, both financial and energy wise and a higher quality of life. What I want is to limit the number of these insignificant and meaningless things that compete for my attention so that I can enjoy those I really care the most about.  Yes indeed, less is often more and Facebook is simply not for me.

Goodbye, Facebook, Hello Twitter!



The Power of Twitter and the Power of Words

War is no longer just about bombs and rockets!

War is not just about bombs and rockets! This has been true for centuries and even more today when social media are invaded by armed force for propaganda purposes.

The Israeli military’s live spin about the air strike that killed the Hamas leader is the perfect illustration on how damaging words and social media can possibly be. Twitter, which is known more for giving a voice to protesters and civilians than military spokespeople became the Israeli tool by excellence to publicize and justify their action.

Tweets from the official Israel Defense Forces Twitter Account, announced in real-time an attack on Gaza and reported on its aftermath. “The IDF has begun a widespread campaign on terror sites & operatives in the #Gaza Strip, chief among them #Hamas & Islamic Jihad targets.” Said their feed on Wednesday.

The IDF just started a new trend and, I do not see how any social media like Facebook or Twitter can stop it. From now on, all future armed conflicts will include live updates from official military sources as armies, from both side, will try to spin the public opinion in their favor in real-time.

This will not be called propaganda; this will be called information. After all, if all the entire social and political activist groups are doing it, if the politicians are doing it, why not the militaries. My only hope resides in the fact that people will have enough judgment to differentiate reality from fiction.

But again, this may well be only wishful thinking.



Twitter v. Facebook

And the winner is …

Like MySpace before, Facebook will eventually die.

By 2020, Facebook will no longer exist. On the contrary, Twitter will never die. Twitter is the modern day version of the newspaper. There’s no better way to find out fast what, if anything, is happening in the world. Twitter also entertains. And Twitter can help you act in your own self-promoting interest. In fact, you can do everything on Twitter that you do on Facebook and there’s much less mindless minutia to wade through. Next or even before LinkedIn, there’s not a more utilitarian social media site than Twitter. Twitter’s 140-character limit stokes allows the most clever folks to break through. 

Facebook is a sustainable fad but, it will never be in Twitter’s league.