I want to be a writer!

Brunette Business woman sitting in an office working on her laptop computer pc with a pen in the hand offer to sign contract, on the table books, paper and notebook isolated on a white background

“Writers have poor career prospects and don’t make a lot of money.”

You want to be a writer! No matter what you are told, don’t believe everything you hear and don’t let anybody discourage you. “Writers have poor career prospects and don’t make a lot of money” is only perception.

You want to write and be a successful writer, just remember this:

The core function of a writer is to create and share information. To have a prosperous and fruitful career, a writer shall provide value that a company or a group of customers are willing to pay for and writers can certainly use their skill of creating and sharing information to provide value.

All those writers that are already using this skill to provide value, either to a company or a group of customers, are making a very good living. The more skillful, the more value provided, and the more money they make.

In other words, whether an individual writer has a successful career has more to do with how they choose to package their writing skills than whether or not the skill of writing itself is valuable.

To write a successful novel and to write a best seller is something else.


JMD is an enthusiastic writer, columnist and social activist who most enjoys evolving in complex interactive situations.